“Hi!  I want to start by saying thank you!!!!  The pictures are wonderful.  The shoot was a great experience. We really couldn't have been happier.”

-Christine C.


“Holy crap!  They're awesome!!!  Everyone looks great!  I wish we looked that good all the time!!”

-Sarah G.


“Wow!  They look great!  Who are these people? LOL!  It looks like we came from a magazine;)

The pictures are truly amazing and we have to buy them all.  When I bought the Groupon deal I was thinking, "we'll be lucky if we get at least 5 shots of the kids together- and smiling"- but you did it, and then some!  Brent we had a great time with you that rainy day.  Thank you for hanging in there with us.”

-Rebecca B.


“O.M.Goodness gracious! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I'll get back to you later today regarding selections. THANK YOU so much!”

-Kerri M.


"Wowwwwww, you guys are phenomenal. We just viewed the pics and I have to say you all did a fantastic job! I absolutely love them!  I can't stress enough how much I love the photos and I love the way you selected black and white options too, really classy! (smiles)"

- Gwen Y.


"I have been looking at the pictures since you sent them, and I am thrilled.  I cannot express to you how happy I am with the shots. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!"  "I contacted the Tomerlins after seeing their photos on Facebook. I needed images for an upcoming juried craft show and my http://etsy.com website. They showed up promptly, professionally and managed to take amazing images of my crafty products and a couple of great "fun" shots of me for an on line dating site (because my cell phone photos are just not cutting it).  I'm a bit of a nervous person when it comes to having my photo taken, but they were so kind and professional that even I loosened up and very quickly I was having a blast with this husband-wife team.  They have a fantastic manner with clients, and can calm even the most anxious of subjects.  One of the best things about their work is their ability to take great pictures of both products and people.  They also do not take lame posed pictures.  Everything was very natural and looks professional without being stiff.  The final images are even better than I could have hoped for, and their attention to color balance, composition and detail is second to none. I cannot express how pleased I am with their work.  Two very big thumbs up."

- Katie S.


"My parents are going to love these pics! Thank you so much!"  "I requested a photo shoot with Tomerlin Photography at my home.   I wanted shots for my upcoming blog, as well as headshots for work.  My place is not very big, but they made do. They really thought on their feet, which was great.  Not very obtrusive.  Melinda and Brent made the photo shoot warm and relaxing.  I thought they were professional and had great suggestions.  In the end, I was very pleased with the photos that were taken.  The colors were awesome!  I asked Brent to take a couple of images of my Ganesha, which stands about 2" tall. I know.  Unusual request.  However, he was up for the challenge.  It turned out beautifully.  It was an amazing image.  Then my boyfriend comes in and asks for pictures of his custom made guitar...STELLAR! The angles and colors of the photographs just pop.  My experience with the Tomerlins was great.  I highly recommend them for head shots, fun shots, and shots with inanimate objects!"

- Raj S.


"I love the colors that you use! The photo journalistic style just makes each person's emotions pop through the photographs. My husband and I did a photo session with Tomerlin Photo in the suburbs. Even though it was a cloudy day, the photos came out BEAUTIFULLY!!!!! The colors were vibrant and the photos came back to me quickly. I can't imagine better photographers. They are a great husband and wife team.‬‎"

- Grace Y.


"You guys are so easy to work with and so much fun! Thank you!"

- Julie S.


"These are lovely! I can't wait to see the rest. I really like how some are color and some are b/w. Beautiful work! The photos are fabulous! I love the one of the trains! And all the people shots were terrific! Thank you for your time. We will definitely recommend you to our friends and I will post something on my listservs & Angie's List in the near future. Much appreciation!"

-Kathy Z.


"Getting a LOT of good feedback on yalls pictures! Good work you two!! Got our CD, have been loving the pics daily -- you both have great talent..."

- Kate M.